If your looking for exotic and unusual marine animals, look no further. We are not your ordinary fish store! Ambrosio Aquatics was established in 2012 with one main goal in mind, to offer the healthiest and most affordable marine livestock possible. We started as a hobbyist, just like you. And just like you,we know the joy of finding that one of a kind perfect specimen for your tank and the utter frustration to find that living piece of art didnt make it threw the night. That is why we monitor every fish,invert and coral that passes threw our shop as if it was entering our own personal tanks. we have a dedicated quarantine system that we use for all new arrivals. We do everything within our power to make sure every marine animal that is in our shop is in the best possible health before it ever makes it to the display tanks for sale . We still however recommend that you quarantine any and all livestock before adding them into your systems With over 25 years of experience aquariums are more than just a hobby for us,its a passion. That’s why In conjunction with livestock we also offer aquarium cleaning service,full system moves and custom installation as well as custom Aquarium design.We can handle everything from pico tanks to multi 1000 gallon business show tanks. We specialize in marine tanks but offer service on fresh,brackish and any other type of aquatic environment. We are a BY APPOINTMENT based business. so please contact us to setup a consultation or a time to stop in.We look forward to hearing from you

we are located at 4990 Paris St.
Denver, CO 80239
720 935 3034